Need an X-ray?

Yes - we bulk bill

Yes, we bulk bill x-rays. Make sure your Medicare card is valid and is not past the expiry.

Patient Information

All you need for an x-ray is a current referral letter from a doctor, specialist, chiropractor, physiotherapist, osteopath or podiatrist.

Please note: We will accept all radiology referral letters.

You also need to bring your Medicare card or Medicare number for us to bulk bill you.  This means there is no out of pocket expense for the x-ray.

Ladies: Please note, if there is any chance you could be pregnant please inform the radiographer. Radiation maybe harmful for your unborn child.

Practitioner Information

We accept referrals from a doctor, specialist, chiropractor, physiotherapist, osteopath or podiatrist with a current provider number.

If you do not have our referral letterhead, we will accept a written referral on your own company letterhead.

Most x-rays can be delivered the next day if you are in the surrounding Ivanhoe suburbs.  If you are outside our delivery area, the patient may take the x-rays immediately, and the report will be faxed or emailed to you the following working day.

Please note: there is no on-site radiologist.  As we use teleradiology, no urgent reports can be provided.  We cannot provide an emergency facility.

Download Referral Form

Note for all chiropractors, physiotherapist and osteopaths

Although we specialise in spinal x-rays, we also accept referrals for extremities at no extra charge.  For example, we can x-ray your patient’s knees or wrists at the bulk billed rate.  The only exception is skull, facial and TMJ x-rays, where Medicare restricts referrals to doctors and specialists only.